Plants Vs Zombies 2 Hack

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Plants Vs. Zombies 2 Cheats – Overview, Essential Tips and FAQs

Plant vs. Zombies, a game series for iOS and Android platforms by Electronic Arts in the casual genre, is getting millions of download hits from the past couple of months. It is a free-to-play mobile title, and the latest installment in this series is Plants Vs. Zombies 2.

Taking over the zombie is the main thing, but it is not a shooting game; it is a strategy game. You need to learn about the basic stuff that how this game works, the mechanism, a method to earn enough coin and gems. Nonetheless, it is not an easy task, and it requires lots of effort, and it might cost you a few bucks during the purchase of virtual currencies.

Estimating the progress of a beginner and hard interface of the game, gamers spend hundreds of dollars but put an end to such problems, Plants Vs. Zombies 2 hack evolves you into a different strategy where coin and gem is not an issue. This alternate option lets you focus on the important element of game and progress at a faster rate.

Here are six essential tips apart from the alternative options. Following all these can boost overall progression and help getting rid of all the issues.

  1. Slowing Down Zombies

Zombies are the main problem in this game, and many methods are offered in this game, which can put you in serious advantages for sure. So, we made a list of things to do and what to avoid.

Things to Do –

  • Slow down zombies by chilling, and it is an effective way to take over them.
  • Figure out the plants which can delay the advance of zombies.
  • Snow Pea is a great choice to slow down zombies for a lower cost.
  • If you have extra money, Winter Melon can serve the best of all kinds.

Things not to Do- 

  • Use a single delayer in each row, not more than one because it can ruin strategy.
  1. Sun-shroom and Advantages

With the help of the sun-shroom, you can easily produce sun and obtain a couple of advantages, but the question pops in mind that why to prefer it? Well, when you are at 25 levels, it costs half the cost of sunflowers, and it cost one-fifth of the twin sunflower. So, you can produce more sun than sunflowers alone. Even the better plant food effect is a major reason to prefer this one over others.

It is also producing 25 suns at first, and then it grew up and started producing a better amount. You can expect 50 suns at a time, and it will then jump to 75. This production rate is optimal for effective progression. Alongside, the use of Plants Vs. Zombies 2 cheats can provide several advantages. You can earn a higher amount by this method.

This method is effective, and it can buy you enough time for other stuff. That's why a huge number of gamers prefer it for a long time. The maxed-out shrooms are easy to harness by this method, and it is going to equip into any strategy that you prefer.

  1. Boosted Plants

At the hard level stages of the game, you can consider the purchase of boosted plants to save time, and they are a highly effective choice in most of the cases. They can save time, help with the effective progression, and considering them is a better choice over anything else. No doubt that obtaining a seed seems like an easy thing, and you can do it perfectly.

But, you can grow plants in the Zen Garden. The level lasting power seems like a hard thing in most of the cases, and gamers feel trouble focusing on them. The easy method of getting a seed is playing the same level again and obtaining it for free. It requires fewer efforts, but you spend a little time collecting what you want. It might be a troublesome thing, but not that much.

You can ignore the Zen garden because it might end up wasting the resources on the earlier level. It is always better to spend them whenever you really need them. Do not use the effect at such places where you won’t be needing it much.

  1. Melee and Shield Plants

If you focus on the use of melee and shield plants together, it can provide better defense and attack strategy, which makes it one of the best strategies over the other choices. You can choose a unique formation of placing the melee plant just as you want, but the best way is to prefer Bonk Choy behind defenders. It will provide an extra time when zombies are attacking.

Level by level, this game keeps getting harder, but if you focus on this strategy then focusing on the progression becomes easier, and you can rely on it over the other choices. When you place a shield in front, your defense team gets enough time to reduce their health and ripping them off from the deck. Their melee attack vulnerability decreases by many times by using this effective tactic.

Whereas when you place the melee plant behind the row, they are un-defendant. On the other hand, we suggest that you should not consider the use of Snapdragon. It is a close-range fire attack and uses it when the zombies are close, and they are in front. This will secure your strategy, and you can find it as an effective backup choice. 


As going through the above mentioned four important tips, you might feel the need for more coins and gems. Well, it is a better option that you choose to go with Plants Vs. Zombies 2 Cheats, which seem like a perfect option. Obtaining a sufficient amount of resources and taking over the opponent seem like an easy thing, so you can rely on this method and get rid of every single issue with ease. Hope, this guide will come in handy to make you an advanced gamer.